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Online Marketing at Home 

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    Dear Reader and Online Marketer

    You should be so excited about the times we live in today!
  At no other time in history has one been able to reach so many people for so little money.

    Thousands of people from all around the world have set up successful small business websites, personal websites and blogs and started to make money from the comfort of their own homes using the technical information provided in online marketing from home. So, why not you?

    You've probably seen sales pages from Internet Marketing Gurus at their expensive homes and fancy offices (or even on the beach) telling you they are making incredible jaw-dropping incomes just by using the internet...

    ... and what a massive opportunity you are missing out on if you don't join them right now.

    Who wouldn't be highly intrigued by these claims?

    ... especially in today's economy, when so many people are struggling to make enough income just to survive.

, the question on your mind has to be....

                        "Can this really be achieved by someone just like ME?"

    Well, if you read the Gurus' sales pages, the wonderful testimonials and the incredible income claims, it does seem that YES, anyone can actually accomplish these same results.

But seriously... Does this really mean ANYONE?

    That is exactly what it means. All you have to do is create your own awesome website in four easy steps just like all the BIG Gurus have done:-

    1. Think of and register a Domain Name

    2. Open a Web Hosting Account

    3. Change the DNS settings so your website can be seen

    4. And then just start building your website!

    A piece of cake, right?... Yes, if you've spent the last two years at IT college.

"So how can I learn all the necessary steps in hours, not years?"

    Let's put the brakes on for just a minute and start again?

    Looking back at when I started my own online business, I was also drawn in by the incredible income claims being made.

his was the answer to all of my problems.

    I did some simple research...

    ...and I thought I understood the concept of online marketing...

    ...all that was needed to generate a tremendous income was to get noticed with a web presence

My first mistake!

    Just like you, I'd heard how easy this was going to be...

    ...and I believed it!

    All that was needed was to put up a simple website.

    But thinking the word "easy" was probably my
 first mistake...

    After buying several training courses I quickly found myself in over my head trying to understand what they were attempting to teach me...

    ...such as FTP, DNS, HTML, Wordpress...

    "What in the world is all this?" I remember asking myself. I'd never heard any of these terms before in anything I had ever learned throughout my education. Everything quickly became very complicated.

    The initial drive and enthusiasm that I had been feeling just days before was now being swept away by confusion... something that way too many people experience when it comes to the technical aspects of online marketing.

My enthusiasm was quickly replaced by feelings of
frustration and failure

    No doubt you've had these same feelings too!

    Well, just like many others, I was ready to quit once again...

    ...but this time, something deep down inside of me was saying...

                                           "Quitting Is no longer an option!"

    I refused to be beaten down once again.

    If I can do this, you can do it too.

    So how were those technical barriers broken down?

    I found a great coach who explained the technical terminology in a simple, understandable language. He told me how some of the work could be outsourced, allowing me to spend more time with friends and family.

    Imagine the feeling being able to spend more time with
 your friends and family!

    I still outsource to this day, but trust me when I say outsourcing does have its drawbacks.
Don't be fooled by "experts" who say all your online marketing business can be outsourced!

    To outsource successfully, you need to have a good understanding of what you want outsourcing.

    If you don't understand what needs to be done, then how are you going to explain it to the outsourcer?

    So, even though I prefer the marketing side of the business to the technical side, I now understand what needs to be done from start to finish.

    However, outsourcing is another subject in itself, so let's move on...

    Most of my friends and relatives knew that I had started working full time on the internet and some of them even asked me how they could set up their own websites. Instead of trying to explain the basics to each one, I tried to find a simple online tutorial to help them out.

  After some research I couldn't find anything I liked, and that is how this product came about.

                                                     The coach came to the rescue! 

    He gathered the information I'm going to tell you about...

    ... and put it all together into one easy to understand package.

    With that said, please let me introduce myself.

    My name is Nigel Turner and I have worked for myself for over 40 years. I ran a "bricks and mortar" business until 2006, when I sold the business.

    No longer did I need to worry about travelling to work, staff, overheads, health and safety, employment laws and all the other things associated with
 running a business from premises.

    But I did need to earn an income and online marketing was the key!

    Working from home, I now see more of my family and enjoy the freedom this kind of business provides.
Here's a photograph of me with my wife and daughters.

Nigel Turner and Family

    I am so thankful that I made the decision to work from home, with all the benefits that come from that.

    You too could be enjoying the freedom of running your own home business.

   You are being handed on a plate everything you need to master the technical side of online marketing at home.

    Imagine the feeling you'll have when you break down those technical barriers that have been holding you back from starting your own successful online marketing business.

    Just imagine:

  • working from the comfort of your own home.
  • working the hours you want to work.
  • spending more time with your friends and family.
  • no boss breathing down your neck.
  • not having to face the morning and evening rush hour traffic.
  • not having to work ouside in the rain and snow.

    Remember I said I found help?

    ...well, today I'm here to help YOU!

"Now It's Your Turn!"

    Why do I care about you and your success? Because I know about the frustration and feelings of failure when it comes to the technical side of making money online. I struggled for a long time and it's not a feeling I would wish on anyone.

                                          Do You Realise How Lucky You Are? 

    We live in a world of opportunity. IT IS YOUR RIGHT to live in peace and prosperity.

    I made a promise that when I figured out how to make this "internet thing" work, I would help others as well.

    I want you to know what it's like to live the good life too.

    So it's a win-win situation for both of us.

    You get to finally understand what has held you back from making money on the internet..
...and I have the satisfaction of knowing that you could be running a successful business once you have learnt to remove those technical barriers.

"It's Easier To Make Money Once You Know
How To
 Break Through The Technical Barriers!"

    Can you imagine that? Try it for a second. See how it feels to be able to peel back the gloom and doom to a brighter future ahead...
...a future that will allow you to make your dreams become reality.


    Okay, now that you took a minute to imagine that, let's get your attention back to the direction we were heading...

    All right, so here it is...

    It's very easy.

    This technical training blueprint was created in a way that "almost any beginner" would understand. So yes, it's what I call "easy"

    It's a piece of the puzzle that most people can only dream about finding.

    A lot of time and money was spent putting this information together in one package, s
o you won't have to!

Here Is The Technical Training You
Will Receive The Moment You Decide
This Is Exactly What You Have Been Waiting For!

Online Marketing at Home

The most up-to-date 11 volume set of step-by-step
technical training video tutorials on the internet!

    The whole course is available for immediate download and each one of the volumes is broken down into separate videos to walk you through the step-by-step process of achieving the technical help you are specifically looking for.

    Of course, you'll be able to pause, rewind and rewatch at any time.

Domain Management and cPanel - 12 Videos

1 - Registering Domain Name
2 - Buying Bulk Domain Names
3 - Buying Hosting Hostgator
4 - Buying Hosting Bluehost
5 - cPanel Basics
6 - Pointing Domain Name
7 - Setting Up Email Account in cPanel
8 - Setting Up Email Forwarder
9 - Web Analytics
10 - Fantastico Overview
11 - cPanel Autoresponse Message
12 - Deleting Fantastico Installations with cPanel

WordPress Beginnings - 13 Videos

13 - WordPress Setup
14 - Customizing Your WordPress Theme
15 - Navigating Wordpress Dashboard
16 - WordPress Settings - Going Live Part 1
17 - WordPress Settings - Going Live Part 2
18 - WordPress Plugins
19 - Spam Free WordPress Setup
20 - Managing WordPress Default Themes
21 - WordPress Links and Blog Roll
22 - Changing WordPress Header and Background
23 - Adding Your First New Post
24 - Adding Your First New Page
25 - Adding Your "Contact Us" Forms to WordPress

Autoresponder Training - Managing Your List - 12 Videos

26 - Creating New List with Aweber
27 - Creating Follow-up Sequence
28 - Creating Your Web Form for List Building
29 - Installing Your Aweber Web Form
30 - Troubleshooting Your Aweber Web Form
31 - Aweber Web Form Statistics
32 - Understanding Aweber Reports
33 - Managing Your Aweber Subscribers
34 - GetResponse Campaign Setup
35 - GetResponse Web Form Setup
36 - GetResponse Installing Web Form
37 - GetResponse Sending an Email

Creating & Editing Sales Pages and Download Pages - 10 Videos

38 - Editing and Rebranding PLR Sales Page Part 1
39 - Editing and Rebranding PLR Sales Page Part 2
40 - Adding Your Disclaimers and Privacy Policies
41 - Sales Page Final Editing
42 - Saving Your Sales Page Changes (Important)
43 - Adding Your Picture to Your Html Website
44 - Setting Up Download Pages
45 - Monetizing Download Pages
46 - Editing PLR Minisite
47 - Adding Sales Copy to PLR Minisite

Basic Editing of Graphics and Images - 6 Videos

48 - Resizing Images
49 - Creating PDF Document
50 - Creating a Zip File
51 - Extracting a Zip File
52 - Creating Exit Pop
53 - Jing Free Screen Captures Tutorial

Tech Basics of FTP - 7 Videos

54 - Filezilla FTP Installation
55 - FileZilla FTP First Steps
56 - FileZilla FTP Uploading First File
57 - FileZilla FTP Creating File Names and Folders
58 - FileZilla FTP Creating Download Links and More
59 - FileZilla FTP Uploading Website and Work with File Names
60 - FileZilla FTP Protecting Files with Snooper Pages

Marketing Forums and Special Offers - 9 Videos

61 - Forum Special Offers Part 1 Account Setup
62 - Forum Special Offers Part 2 Profile Setup
63 - Forum Special Offers Part 2 Posting Your Offer
64 - Warrior Forum Setup Account
65 - WarriorPlus Pro Sell Product
66 - WarriorPlus Setup Affiliate Marketing
67 - Warrior Special Offer Setup and Posting
68 - JVZoo Adding a Product
69 - JVZoo Managing Affiliates

Support Desk - 3 Videos

70 - OSTicket Support Desk Install
71 - OSTicket Manage Support Desk
72 - OSTicket Support Desk Advanced

WordPress Advanced - 8 Videos

73 - Wordpress Media Overview
74 - Inserting Images In Wordpress Post
75 - Inserting PDF In Wordpress Post
76 - Inserting Video In Wordpress Post
77 - Inserting Affiliate Links in Wordpress Post
78 - Setting Up Wordpress Menus
79 - Creating Opt-in Box for List Building
80 - Adding Additional Users to Your Site

Google Services - 8 Videos

81 - Google Account Setup
82 - Google Adsense - Adding to Site
83 - Google Analytics Setup
84 - Google Analytics Advanced
85 - Google Calendar
86 - Gmail Account
87 - Google Webmaster Tools Setup
88 - Google Webmaster Tools Advanced

Tech Side of Affiliate Marketing - 16 Videos

89 - Amazon Part 1 Become an Affiliate
90 - Amazon Part 2 Getting Affiliate Link
91 - Amazon Part 3 Advanced Affiliate Methods
92 - Amazon Part 4 Using Promotions Hub
93 - Amazon Part 5 Finding Good Products to Promote
94 - Amazon Part 6 Category Banner Links
95 - Amazon Part 7 Linking to Search Results
96 - Amazon Part 8 Add Product HTML Code to Site
97 - Amazon Part 9 Add Banner to HTML Site
98 - Amazon Part 10 Add New Amazon Product Preview Script
99 - Inserting Affiliate Banners Into Website
100 - JVZoo Affiliate Account Setup
101 - JVZoo Finding Products to Promote & Affiliate Link Setup
102 - New Clickbank Introduction and Sign Up
103 - New Clickbank Marketplace: Find Products to Promote
104 - New Clickbank Creating Affiliate Links

    That's a lot of information, I'm sure you'll agree, but this is the EXACT same step-by-step technical training I went through. It will show you the very things you need to do, or at least understand how to do, to start making your life the amazing life you are intended to have.

    The best part is that this technical training is laid out in a very simple format for you to follow and is available to download straight away!

    I understand that if you are a beginner, I can't just hand you a complete technical training encyclopedia and expect you to know where to start first.

    I needed a "start here and end here" plan and so will you.

    I also understand you do not want to watch a two hour video just to find one little step that you are not understanding. You want to skip all the things you do understand and get right to the help.

    That's why this entire course was broken down into short videos that are clearly marked to give you the help you need as quickly as possible.

"But This Sounds Like An Expensive Course!"

    You know, I couldn't wait to get to this part because I know that you're going to be pleasantly surprised.

    If you had to pay someone to do just a fraction of what you can learn from this course, it could turn out to be very expensive - and besides it's very satisfying knowing you can do the work yourself.

    Some of the gurus would go as far to charge you thousands of pounds to attend a one day seminar to learn this information!

    I don't know about you, but I think that's way too expensive.

    A course like this normally sells for at least £497 and often higher. Lots of marketers would snap it up at that price!

    But today you're not going to pay anything close to that amount... much to the dismay of my accountant!

    Your investment?

    Just a fraction of the price you'd normally pay for a course like this - just £47 today!

    No, that's not a misprint - so there's really no excuse not to invest in your future.

    Just click the "YES PLEASE" button below now!




   What more can you possibly ask for?

    "More" you said?

    Well, before you make your decision, let me make this amazing deal even better!

    For a limited time, you'll receive this fantastic bonus at no extra cost to you!

List Building Unleashed

    This bonus ebook contains invaluable information on aquiring traffic and creating a list of email subscribers, the life blood of any online marketer. 

    I'm going to only share what's working RIGHT NOW.

    What you’re about to get is a combination of new and old list building tactics that work! Older ones that still work right up to the latest ones. This is absolutely vital information to help grow your business. This is possibly the most valuable ebook an online marketer could have in his arsenal!

"What Kind Of Results Can You Expect Once
You Understand The Technical Stuff?"

    The answer to this question really depends on the amount of effort you are prepared to put in to learn the information that is being provided. If you don't use the information then you can't expect to gain from it. However, if you are prepared to watch and learn then your results could be nothing short of astounding!

    It's a known fact that most people do nothing with the information they purchase. They are tempted by the next "shiny object" expecting it to make them a millionaire with a few clicks of the mouse and requiring no effort. Don't be one of those people that are being fooled! Here you have the opportunity to acquire knowledge that could change your life for the better - forever!

    Even if you learn just a small part of what is being offered here you would be well on your way to being a technically competent online marketer.

  "Imagine This..."

    There'll be people who will tell you that you won't be successful at this. You will be successful if you take action. Imagine the feeling knowing they were wrong!

    You'll be safe in the knowledge you can help others too, if you wish.

                                 "They Say Money Can't Bring You Happiness."

    That's a phrase that seems to have been made up by people who don't have any money. How can you possibly be happy when you're struggling to pay your mortgage and bills on time?

Some people say your health is more important than money and while that is true, when you have money, you are often less prone to stress and worry. You can eat the best quality food and enjoy relaxing holidays - and take advantage of the very best healthcare - all good for your wellbeing!

    As well as the advantages of being able to work to your own schedule, running your own online marketing business from home can provide an excellent income. Would you rather be working a nine to five job or working from home at hours to suit you?

"I Might Be Raising The Price In The Near Future!"

    I am not going to insult your intelligence and tell you I have only five copies left...

    ...and I am not going to lie to you by saying that if you leave this website now, the price will automatically increase...

    ...but I am going to tell you that I might be raising the price in the near future.

      Remember, courses like this often sell for over ten times the price I am asking today.

    So this is it... This is your big chance to secure a better future for you and your family.

    Don't let this chance pass you by.

    Either you can stay in the same boat with just one paddle, going round and round trying to figure out the technical aspects of making money online...

    ...or you can get in a new boat and grab this technical blueprint and sail away with the education and experience that will lead you to fulfilling your dreams of financial security.

    This is it. The choice is yours. Take action now before it's too late!

"This is Your Chance To Discover The Help You'll Never Get From Others."

    Just click on the "Yes Please" button below and invest in your future now!



    This information course is vital for your online marketing success. You'll be getting 104 videos, available for immediate download, showing you step by step how to master the technical side of online marketing - the key to unlimited income and freedom!


Online Marketing at Home
    No technical college or university in the world will give you the true technical training that you need to start your own home based internet business.

    Start using "Online Marketing At Home" training blueprint right now - that's right, this very moment!

    You have the power to change your life for the better. I'm handing you the key. All you have to do is accept it.



My Iron-Clad Money Back Guarantee To You:-

If you're not convinced that this programme offers fantastic value for money, and you don't think you can gain any knowledge from it, then upon request I'll provide a full refund if asked for within 60 days from the date of purchase.  I can't be fairer than that!

 You really do have total freedom to make as little or as much money as you wish! But you have to get past the technical barriers first in order to have that freedom.

    Simply click on the "Yes Please" button below to gain instant access to your copy of this amazing technical training blueprint for less than the cost of a family meal out!

    You will be forwarded to a secure page where you can enter your order details.

Nigel Turner  With best wishes


    Nigel Turner



    P.S.  This letter is all about you...your life...your reality...your happiness! What you face and experience every day can change this very moment - starting with your decision that you make right now to invest in your future and your family's future.

    P.P.S.  I know you'll make the right decision. But make that decision fast because as I mentioned earlier, I may raise the price at any time.

    P.P.P.S  To recap, here's what you'll be receiving:- 104 video training with a total runtime of over 12 hours! Plus you'll also receive the vital "List Building Unleashed" e-book on how to build your list!



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